A road commission snow plow knocked down my mailbox, what now?

The road right-of-way property which is owned by the Road Commission serves several purposes. One is to accommodate the utilities; another is for your mailbox. Another reason is to create a type of “buffer zone” between your property and the road. Because we use heavy equipment in the maintenance of our roads, and especially when the road and right of way area is covered with snow, it is difficult to see the mailboxes. Many times, it is the pushed snow that will knock down a mailbox rather than the snowplow actually hitting the mailbox. In cases such as this, the Road Commission does not replace or repair the mailboxes. 

The Road Commission's policy is to replace mailboxes that have actually been hit by the snowplow; however, if the mailbox or wooden post was broken off from the force of the snow coming off the plow blade, we do not replace or repair it. The Muskegon County Road Commission's policy when it is warranted to replace a mailbox is to issue a generic type of box and or post.

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